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Cycling in Vernon BC
VirtualVernon - A Premier Regional Site  North Okanagan Circle Tours
Cycling is not only fun; it's great exercise, saves money preserves air quality and is a great way to spend your leisure or commute time. We want to encourage cyclists and motorists to recognize these routes throughout the Greater Vernon area to make all streets safer no matter how you travel.

Signs have been placed along these recognized routes to remind motorists and cyclists alike that we share the roadways. Please make safety your first concern!..

VirtualVernon - A Premier Regional Site  Armstrong Tour - 22.5 km
This cycling tour starts at the parking lot of Highland Park Elementary School on Wood Avenue, north of the IPE grounds in Armstrong.

0.0 km - Turn right out of the parking lot of the school, travel by the fairgrounds of the IPE, BC's largest agricultural fall fair.

0.1 km - Turn right on Highland Park Road, cross the railroad tracks and follow the road up the hill.

1.1 km - Follow Highland Park Road as it turns left.

2.1 km - At the T-junction, turn right onto Sleepy Hollow Road. There is a long downhill grade.

6.1 km - Sleepy Hollow Road joins and becomes Lansdowne Road; keep going straight ahead. After you pass Gulch Road, there is a series of uphill climbs.

10.3 km - Turn left onto Hullcar Road.

12.9 km - Turn left on Knob Hill Road.

13.5 km - Turn left onto Schubert Road and follow it south towards Armstrong.

22.5 km - Turn left on Wood Avenue to return to the school parking lot. ..

VirtualVernon - A Premier Regional Site  Okanagan Lake Tour
This cycling tour provides excellent views of Okanagan Lake and surrounding valleys and mountains. Initially passing through the Vernon Army Camp and the Commonage area, one soon comes to Paddlewheel Park on Okanagan Lake and the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing swim. Level roads will soon bring you back to your starting point.

0.0 km - Start at the corner of 34th Street/Mission Road and Okanagan Avenue. Proceed south, away from town. A moderately steep but short hill greets you.

0.6 km - You reach the Vernon Army Camp as the road levels out.

2.0 km - A short road to the left gives you an opportunity to visit the Allan Brooks Nature Centre as well as offering views of the Okanagan and Coldstream Valley.

3.8 km - Turn right, onto Bench Row Road.

4.7 km - Good views of Okanagan Landing and the Bella Vista Highlands across the valley are prevalent along this stretch of road. In addition, seed orchards and experimental irrigation tree plantations are situated on this road.

7.0 km - Turn to the right on Okanagan Bench Road and proceed cautiously down a steep and twisty hill.

7.6 km - As you turn right onto Okanagan Landing road, Paddlewheel Park and Okanagan Lake invite you to take a cooling, refreshing break.

9.1 km - Lakeshore Drive, to the left provides access to another great beach and scenic area at Kin Beach. For this tour, stay straight on your course.

9.6 km - Branch right onto Okanagan Avenue, which has less traffic and a more relaxed pace.

11.7 km - Passes by the Clarence Fulton Secondary School.

14.3 km - Brings you back to your starting point at Mission Road. ..

VirtualVernon - A Premier Regional Site  Swan Lake View Tour
This route is located in a rural, hobby farm setting that is ideal for cycling. A highlight of this tour is a stop at Cools Pond, a popular natural wetlands site; a perfect resting spot while you enjoy the pond wildlife.

0.0 km - Starting at the corner of 48th Avenue and Pleasant Valley Road (at Butcher Boys Grocery) . Cycle northward on Pleasant Valley Road.

4.3 km - Turn right onto L & A Road. This is also the start of a short but steep climb which soon levels off. You will enjoy views of Swan Lake.

5.2 km - L & A Road meets Baker - Hogg Road at this point and takes a sharp turn to the right, the start of another but less steep hill. The gain in elevation provides you with the best views of Swan Lake and the Okanagan Valley.

8.6 km - Cools Pond, your opportunity to have a rest and enjoy the pond wildlife. Various bird and duck species, as well as turtles, can be viewed here. Informational signs, viewing platforms and short trails make this stop a pleasant one.

10.2 km - Continue south along L & A Road until you meet Silver Star Road, where you will turn right.

11.8 km - A final 16 km west along Silver Star Road (watch for a paved shoulder halfway along) will bring you to your starting point. ..

VirtualVernon - A Premier Regional Site  BX / Dixon Dam Loop Tour
While completing the full loop tour entails a lot of elevation gain, shortcuts allow you to tailor this cycling route to suit your energy level. Lake and city views, orchards and forest are your companions on this mostly rural circuit.

0.0 km - From your start point at 48th Avenue (BX Road) for a shortcut up a moderate grade to East Vernon Road.

0.4 km - Alternate route A: turn left onto 46th Avenue (BX Road) for a short cut up a moderate grade to East Vernon Road.

0.8 km - Explore our city history at the cemetery.

0.9 km - Alternate route B: turn left onto 43rd Avenue for another shortcut into the BX.

1.6 km - Alternate route C: a left turn onto 39th Avenue, will take you up a long moderate hill and into the BX. Pause to see the view from the top.

2.2 km - Alternate route D: a left turn onto 32nd Avenue will take you and the kids past the peanut pool in Lakeview Park (turn south on 18th Street to rejoin the tour on 25th Avenue).

2.5 km - Veer right on 30th Avenue, left onto 26th Street.

2.9 km - Continue through this area of heritage homes, turning left onto 25th Ave.

3.8 km - Turn right on 15th Street or shortcut via E to Francis Road.

4.3 km - Turn left onto Pottery Road 5.3 km - turn left onto Francis Road at the Hillview Elementary School.

6.4 km - Turn right onto Black Rock Road.

7.1 km - Turn left onto East Vernon Road.

8.7 km - Turn right onto BX Road, (named for the historic Barnard Express Stagecoach Company).

9.4 km - Continue straight through the 3 way intersection onto Dixon Dam Road.

9.5 km - Turn left at the fork and follow Dixon Dam Road.

9.7 km - Vernon's Magnetic Hill. Easy pedaling.

12.5 km - Stop, rest and enjoy the valley views at the top of this short, steep hill.

13.3 km - Continue left onto Tillicum Road.

13.9 km - A short, steady hiking trail to BX Falls provides an ideal, cool resting spot.

14.9 km - Turn left on Silver Star Road It is all down hill from here.

16.2 km - A left here onto Silver Star Road will take you past the BX Creek Trail (2 km one way), at the bottom of the switchbacks.

20.5 km - Return to your start point - well done! ..